Raising the Standard of Concrete Work

Raising the Standard of Concrete Work

We provide expert sidewalk, patio or driveway leveling in Edwardsburg, MI & Osceola, IN and the surrounding areas

It can be unsafe to drive your car over an uneven concrete driveway. It can also be dangerous to walk on a cracked sidewalk. How do you solve these issues? Sidewalk or driveway leveling may be the answer.

At Michiana Concrete Leveling LLC, we offer driveway and sidewalk leveling services all Edwardsburg, MI region. Our team knows the techniques and has the tools required to lift your concrete slabs back into place. This allows you to enjoy your concrete areas without having to rebuild from scratch.

Level your concrete safely with help from the experts. Talk to us today about sidewalk or driveway leveling service.

What's involved in the concrete leveling process?

When you need driveway and sidewalk leveling, Michiana Concrete Leveling can tackle the job. Our crew will come to your home and:

  • Drill holes into your cement slabs
  • Inject polyurethane foam into the holes
  • Allow the material to expand, lifting the slabs

Wherever your concrete is sinking, we can lift it. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

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