Lift Your Concrete Back Into Place

Lift Your Concrete Back Into Place

Hire us for mudjacking in Edwardsburg, MI & Osceola, IN and surrounding areas

If your concrete foundations aren't staying level, you may benefit from mudjacking service. But what is mudjacking?

This is a specialty service that involves injecting a mix of water, sand and soil underneath your foundation. This mixture lifts your concrete slab, leveling it out. It also hardens to provide an additional foundation beneath the surface.

Michiana Concrete Leveling LLC specializes in mudjacking and can provide service anywhere in the Edwardsburg, MI region. Email us now to learn more about the process.

Reasons to get mudjacking service

What is mudjacking? It's a simple way to raise a sagging piece of concrete. Michiana Concrete Leveling can provide the service when you have:

  • Cracked sidewalks
  • Sunken porches
  • Uneven patios
  • Fractured pool decks
  • Damaged driveways
  • Sagging parking lots

Don't rebuild your concrete slabs when you can lift them instead. Call us today to schedule a consultation for mudjacking service.

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