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Please view the photo gallery for some before and after pictures using eco-friendly polyurethane to raise and level concrete.  

The website is not up to date, starting the 2020 season we no longer offer mud-jacking and will be offering poly-leveling.  Now drilling a dime sized hole and injecting a two parts material  which will fill voids and expand to raise and level the desired areas.

What is Concrete Leveling ?


What is concrete leveling?

Michiana Concrete Leveling LLC. can put your concrete back on level, using our high grade concrete mix, and save you 50-70% off the cost of tearing it out and replacing it…and it’s ready to use the same day!

• Driveways
• Sidewalks
• Patios
• Garages
• Steps
• Pool Decks
• All types of concrete
• Commercial & industrial uses

Other Services

Joint Repair and Caulking

We have the tools and skills to clean out concrete joints and seal them to help prevent any future damages caused from the freeze and thaw cycle

Who we are

Family  owned local in Edwardsburg Michigan.  High  end concrete grout pumps for leveling concrete, all work guaranteed.  

We  are a Licensed and Insured serving Northern Indiana, Michigan and surrounding Michiana areas. 


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